Raleigh, NC, USA


What We Offer:

We provide services for every part of the creative process. Whether it's a commercial, marketing video, or music video, we approach the project with a collaborative spirit and the goal of making the clients vision a reality.

- Concept Development: we work closely with the client to develop the idea for the video. If the client has an idea of what they want, we execute that vision. If the client is unsure of the direction they want to go, we work with them to come up with the right concept.  

- Pre-production: we prep for the shoot, book talent and location, and figure out logistics.

- Production: we handle everything that goes into the shoot from cinematography to directing.

- Post-production: we edit the video and are even able to offer original music at the clients request.

For pricing options and packages, contact info@sevenfootgiant.com